FAQ : Medical Tourism in Turkey


FAQ : Medical Tourism in Turkey


Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the popular medical tourism destinations in the world. Turkey is strategically located at the meeting point of Europe and Asia. It is surrounded by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Turkey has always been known for its natural beauties and cultural history. However, it has been gaining importance as a medical tourism destination for more than 10 years. It is a democratic country and has a stable economy. Istanbul and Ankara – Turkey’s major cities – have relatively low crime rates, but visitors should be careful when driving or crossing the street on foot.

Turkey traditionally receives health tourists from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo and Syria. However, now people from the USA, Australia and many other countries come to Turkey for affordable elective surgeries. Turkey is well connected with major cities around the world such as London, Chicago, New York and so on.

Treatment Costs in Turkey

Low cost treatments such as IVF, CyberKnife for cancer treatment, cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery and more are available in Turkey with no waiting time. The cost difference between medical treatment in England and medical treatment in Turkey is between 40-50%. Turkey’s doctors are highly qualified and private hospitals are first class.

More than 60 world-class hospitals have been accredited by JCI and more are next. Medical tourism in Turkey is popular due to the quality and incredibly low medical treatment costs that match those of European hospitals.

Turkey Hospitals

Turkey is slowly emerging as a new medical tourism destination. Hospitals in Turkey provide low-cost but world-class medical care. The quality of health services and medical standards are closely monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health and other private health care institutions. One such association is TAHA (Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association), which is accredited by JCI, which observes quality standards among its members.

Most of the hospitals in Turkey are JCI, ISO, TAHA, TMA (Turkish Medical Association) etc. It is accredited by national and international organizations. Some hospitals are also affiliated with international healthcare providers such as John Hopkins and Harvard Medical School.

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