Hair transplantation can be expressed as “permanent solution to the problem of hair loss”. Hair transplantation operation, on the other hand, can be defined as a micro-surgical operation performed in a hospital environment, and what is meant by the expression of micro-surgery operation is performing hair transplantation with much less interventions than a normal operation in hair transplantation.

Hair transplant operation is an effective and permanent solution for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia, which is medically known as male pattern hair loss, but apart from this, people with scars or hair loss due to various hair diseases can easily have this operation.

What is Hair Transplantation and points to take into consideration

Hair transplantation is the removal of healthy hair follicles / roots from the donor area and placing them into the desired areas of the head. Hair transplantation is a complicated procedure and that must be performed by a specialist doctor and team. In order to ensure a healthy and reliable process and results in hair transplantation, a special and specific treatment should be developed.Hair transplantation in a sterile and hygienic hospital or clinical environment will definetely minimize the risks that may occur in hair transplantation. The realization of hair transplantation by a qualified and experienced surgeon and a professional team is an indispensable and must criterion for a healthy and successful result.

Hair Transplant Operation Process in 7 Steps

Hair Transplantation Implementation

Hair transplantation is an operation which takes 6-8 hours with local anesthesia. In the first stage of hair transplantation, hair follicles are collected by doctors. Then the canal is being opened to place the collected roots, and finally the individual planting of the roots is performed. Because of the fact that; hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, no pain or pain is felt. There will be no pain, if the medications given by the doctor are used after hair transplantation, there will be no pain. There will be never a dilution in the areas where the roots are taken in any hair transplant operation performed by a specialist doctor and an experienced team. 

Success in Hair Transplantation: Natural look after recovery

In order for the hair transplantation procedure to be successful, the hair follicles are rapidly must be vascularized in the region where they are placed; that is, it must “hold”. Correct implementatiton increases the chance of success of hair transplantation.
For a natural look, it is very important point that the hair is must be transplanted at the right distance, at the right angle and at the right density to the bald areas. After the healing process, for a natural-looking hair transplantation; the doctor’s experience and craftsmanship in this field is extremely important

Possible Risks of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation carries various risks like the other medical operations.In long-term hair transplantation attempt, depending on the degree of baldness, it may be necessary to perform several treatments in a 1-2 year period. Possible complications are; failure to achieve the desired result, infection and marked scar remains. All these complications will be minimized if hair transplantation will be performed by a qualified and experienced doctor in a hygienic hospital environment.