Eyebrow Transplant

As brow loss can be due to brow dye, intense makeup, brow contour and other external factors, it may be because of intense stress.

Brow transplantation operation is carried out by collecting the hair follicles on the nap and transferring them to the brow area. In general, brow transplantation is the same procedure with hair transplantation. However, a special attention should be paid for the hair follicles to be used in brow transplantation. Brow transplantation which is carried out with local anesthesia lasts about 2 hours and 40 to 400 hair follicles will be planted.

The direction of the planted brows should be planted in line with the brow characteristics of the person. Because while the direction of the brows is upright in areas that are close to the nose, they have a long and horizontal angle towards the edges.

Since brow structure can affect the facial expression of a person, the structure, shape, and direction of the brows should be set very carefully. Otherwise, your brow will look far less than natural.

Women have been caring for their eyebrows for thousands of years. According to research, the shapes of the eyebrows define who we are to the person in front of us. They play a significant role in the reflection of our emotions in our daily life. Nowadays, since the appearance is more important than any other period in human history, with the wide use of social media, many women spend a lot of effort and time to make their eyebrows look the way they want. There can be approximately 1200 hair follicles in unplucked and unshaped eyebrows. This number can decrease to around 200 for the eyebrows that are shaped continuously. In addition to aesthetic concerns, unfortunately, some diseases, medication treatments, and wrong makeup applications can cause eyebrows to be diluted and deformed.

Having impressive and perfect looks is of great importance for both women and men today. In the last decade, micro FUE eyebrow transplantation has become one of the most aesthetic operations performed for men, especially women. In some cultures, eyebrows are seen as a symbol of authority for men, and especially the executives of the world’s largest companies have eyebrow transplantation through the micro FUE method. Today, the eyebrows’ appearance, which is effective on the person’s facial expression, can be designed flawlessly and impressively with the FUE eyebrow transplantation method.

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Giving a beautiful appearance to the eyebrows of which density decreases over time or shaping them in a more attractive way than they are, has been available to some extent that the cosmetics industry allows. Eyebrow transplantation has become the new trend in giving the desired appearance to the eyebrows, with the micro FUE method’s rapid development in the last ten years. This trend has been on the rise in recent years, thanks to some famous stars like Meagan Good, who had micro FUE eyebrow transplantation and shared it with the public through social media. Eyebrow transplantation has become one of the most demanding procedures in the field of medical aesthetics.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia. Although people may experience some pain according to their pain thresholds while applying local anaesthesia, this pain is minimal. The eyebrow transplantation procedure is entirely painless after the local anaesthesia application. In eyebrow transplantation, thin grafts taken from the back of the ears using the micro FUE technique are transferred to the eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplantation is easy and takes a few hours. It is ensured that the person has the aesthetic looking eyebrows that they have always wanted. It provides a much more natural and beautiful appearance than the tattoo method used by some people who have problems with their eyebrows. If the correct care is applied, it is a permanent solution.

Who is Eligible for Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplant operation can be applied to anyone who may need this operation. The following reasons are among the most common reasons for those who demand eyebrow transplant surgery today.

  • Those who are not satisfied with their eyebrows’ appearance, whose eyebrows are sparse: Eyebrow shape and rarity is generally a genetic factor, but it may also have occurred as a result of applications like incorrect eyebrow removal procedures. Eyebrow transplantation will be a permanent solution for our patients who complain about this problem.
  • People with eyebrow loss problems: some diseases, medication treatments, wrong makeup applications cause eyebrows to fall off. The patient will be permanently relieved of this problem, with the eyebrow transplant operation will take 2-3 hours.
  • Those who lost their eyebrows due to accidents and injuries: Unfortunately, due to some accidents and injuries caused by these accidents, permanent defects in the eyebrows’ appearance may occur. Eyebrow transplantation is the most natural way to solve this problem. Thanks to eyebrow transplantation, lost eyebrows are restored, while scars formed in the eyebrow area can be covered.