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Best Hair Transplant in Turkey : With the understanding of being a reliable team with our experienced staff; We provide services in accordance with country and world standards without compromising our principles, together with patient satisfaction and quality.

Why is hairline substantial : What is FUE overharvesting?

The most significant element of a hair transplant is the construction of the frontal hairline. The frontal hairline is regarded every day by both you and the remainder of the globe. If the frontal hairline looks natural, the rest of the hair transplant will look great also. If the front looks terrible, the condition of the rest of the hair replacement is unnecessary. Measures the patient's face and draws the hairline that is suitable with the patient's face and age.

Overharvesting happens when destructive FUE methods are conducted either once wrongly or various times excessively. This can end in obvious thin patches of hair in the donor region or more serious, such as nearly complete donor alopecia. Noticeable scarring is another likely side effect. Overharvesting can result in aesthetically unpleasant conditions such as patches of bald spots at the donor areas and a moth-eaten look of the donor site.

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We demonstrate our patient-oriented approach and impeccable quality at every stage. In the first stage, we diagnose our patients free of charge. As a result, the diagnosis is made and the patient is informed. Local anesthesia is applied without causing any pain. Thanks to the vast experience of our professional team, the best hair transplantation techniques and advanced technology, we perform successful hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation and offer other hair loss treatments in Bursa. We prioritize sterilization and hygiene in our operations.

Frequently Asked Questions : What is a hair transplant ? Why should I have a hair transplant ? Who can have hair transplant ? What is effective hair transplantation?

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our hair transplant surgeries, to help your journey.

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