FAQ : Hair Loss Treatment


FAQ : Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss is one of the most common skin health problems.

Causes of hair loss:

Climate changes, Iron deficiency, unhealthy diet, some medication use and stress are the main causes of hair loss, but hair loss treatments can be reduced and the hair can be restored to its former appearance.

One of the most common treatments is herbal remedies, which we’ve heard a lot about, such as garlic. In fact, it is good for the scalp, but garlic can cause some wounds because this unfortunately has unhealthy results. Another example is egg white or almond oil or olive oil that is really nourishing for the hair but they are not a solution to hair loss they are nourishing for the hair and increase the shine of the hair but they do not heal the hair root so charity is not for the roots but on the surface.

Permanent hair loss solutions:

Naturally, 100-150 strands of hair are shed per day for a person.

However, when this number increases, you should definitely seek help from a dermatologist because the cause may be iron deficiency or thyroid hormone disorders.

Hair transplantation is an alternative solution for people who have completely lost their hair and cannot use the old methods.

The most important solution is hair transplantation, as it provides a permanent solution to hair loss and a natural appearance for both men and women.

As much hair is transplanted as needed from the donor area (high density area), and the most important thing in hair transplantation is to provide a natural appearance after the surgery. There are so many hair transplant techniques you can choose from.

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