Hair Transplantation Specialist İbrahim Erayhan ; He served for many years as an Analytical Specialist in units such as General Surgery Intensive Care, Emergency Service, 112 Emergency and First Aid Services, and the central organization of the Ministry of Health.

Transferring the experience he gained in the health sector to the field of Hair Transplantation, Erayhan improved himself in this field by working in the most prestigious teams of his field in Istanbul. As a Hair Transplantation Specialist, he successfully performed the hair transplantation operations of thousands of people at home and abroad. İbrahim Erayhan , who has made a high level of patient satisfaction his first priority in his professional life , has become a name preferred by more and more people over the past years, thanks to his successful operations and conferences abroad and in our country.

Hair Transplantation Specialist – İbrahim Erayhan We produce special and permanent solutions for you in the field of Hair Transplantation with our expert staff. Our aim is primarily and primarily; To realize the needs and demands of the patients at the optimum level and time, to evaluate the correct and effective diagnosis in all complaints and disorders related to Hair Transplantation, in short, to provide “patient-oriented” service. With the understanding of being a reliable team with our experienced staff; We provide services in accordance with country and world standards without compromising our principles, together with patient satisfaction and quality.

İbrahim Erayhan has been performing successful Hair Transplantation procedures for years by using the latest technology in the field of Hair Transplantation, such as Fue, Dhi, Sapphire, as well as effective techniques such as the Rapid Treatment Method, Diamond Design, which he developed himself. Erayhan, who is very meticulous in determining the most suitable techniques for the needs of his patients, continues to update the techniques, treatment methods and equipment he uses in direct proportion to today’s technologies.

We are waiting for you at our center in Bursa to regain your self-confidence and regain the image you want to have, with İbrahim Erayhan , who can directly empathize with his patients because he also had a hair transplant, and our expert staff.

Hair transplantation operation can be defined as a micro-surgical operation performed in a hospital environment, and what is meant by the expression of micro-surgery operation is to perform hair transplantation with much less interventions than a normal operation in hair transplantation.

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