Hair loss is one of the most common skin health problems.

Hair loss reasons:

Climatic changes, Iron deficiency, unhealthy food system, using some medicines and stress are main reasons of hair loss but with hair loss treatments it could be reduced and restore the previous look for the hair again. One of the most common treatments is the herbal ways that we hear a lot about it such as garlic. In fact, it’s helpful for hair roots but garlic could cause some wounds for unfortunately this will give us unhealthy results. Another example is egg whites or almond oil or olive oil they are really nutritious for hair but they are not a solution for hair loss they are nutritious for hair and improves hair shining but they don’t improve the bulb of the hair that’s why the benefaction is on surface not for roots.

Permanent hair fall solutions:

Naturally, for one person 100-150 hairs fall per day. But when this number increases help must requested from dermatologist because it’s possibly could be caused by Iron deficiency or Disorders of Thyroid hormones. The most common ways to solve hair fall problem are by plasma and mesotherapy which they are helpful for hair’s root and provides all bulbs needs. Hair transplant is the alternative solution for the ones who completely lost their hair and they can’t use the previous ways. The most important solutions for hair fall for males and females is hair transplant because it gives them permanent solution and natural look. The hair will transplanted from the donor area (high density area) as much as needed to free hair area and the most important thing in hair transplant is to guarantee natural look after surgery. There is so many hair transplant techniques that you can choose.